Discover some of the most amazing declassified documents that have changed the history of the world and our perception of it.

With each turn of the page, Secrets from The Black Vault reveals declassified programs and formerly top secret illustrations that detail an Air Force’s secret plan to build a Mach 4 flying saucer; the Department of Defense’s plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on the surface of the moon; the use of psychic spies within the CIA; how an unidentified object almost sparked World War III; and much more.


John Greenewald, Jr.

Starting at the age of 15, John Greenewald, Jr. was struck with a curiosity that led off a lifelong journey.

First researching the UFO phenomenon, Greenewald began utilizing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to hammer the United States Government for answers, and he targeted every government agency to get them. As he waited for answers on this niche of the paranormal, he then branched off to investigate nearly every government secret imaginable.

He was a sophomore in high school when he first started his trek in 1996, and he archived all of his research on a website that became known around the world as The Black Vault.

Today, he has amassed well more than 2,000,000 pages of declassified records.

His efforts throughout decades of research have been responsible for getting hundreds of thousands of pages that have never seen the light of day into the public domain. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs throughout the world and is frequently sourced in various news articles and stories for his archive and his discoveries.

Pre-Publication Reviews

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Michael MorisyThere are few more dedicated excavators of government documents than John Greenewald, whose patience and skill have released millions of previously secret pages. In Secrets from the Black Vault, he shares some of his most startling, funny, and illuminating finds, revealing some of the biggest mysteries on Earth — and beyond.
Michael Morisy
Founder & Executive Director, MuckRock
Lee SpeigelTo read any of John Greenewald’s books, or to follow his research, is like turning the pages of an excellent, absorbing mystery novel. With one main difference: The government and military characters in John’s adventures are real people in real situations, whose activities and decisions have real consequences to all of us who live in the real world. In ‘Secrets from the Black Vault,’ the whole idea of declassified documents takes on a spy thriller ambiance where the reader is kept in suspense until its satisfying conclusion is revealed, often resulting in matters of national and international importance. Utilizing the mighty Freedom of Information Act tool, Mr. Greenewald’s decades-long relentless persistence of prying loose previously secret government documents continues to open locked doors to the unknown world around us. He gives clarity to subjects that potentially affect everybody’s future. John Greenewald wants answers and so do we! If truth is, indeed, more important than fiction, then ‘Secrets from the Black Vault’ profoundly underscores that reality.
Lee Speigel
Producer/Host of KGRA Digital Broadcast Network’s “Edge of Reality Radio,” and Co-Producer/Co-Writer of “The Phenomenon” UFO documentary
Tim McMillanLeaning on his decades of experience with the Freedom of Information Act, John Greenewald Jr. once again sheds light on shocking truths the government would prefer not to discuss and offers a thought provoking journey into the dark world of sanctioned secrecy.
Tim McMillan
Retired Law Enforcement Executive and Investigative Journalist
Alex HollingsJohn Greenewald, Jr. has spent decades relentlessly pursuing the truth behind some of America’s most highly classified programs and this book represents a culmination of his efforts. From Cold War close calls to inconsistencies in official UFO reports, Greenewald’s pragmatic approach to the search for truth offers some conclusions, but more importantly, equips the reader to pursue their own with the same tenacity.
Alex Hollings
Defense Journalist

"This book is specifically written for those who want to challenge the “surface stories” we have all been taught. These records, in some cases, completely re-write the history books. In other cases, they add chapters to the history books that we never knew were there. They detail events, people, projects, operations and major milestones in our human history; often detailing a wildly different story than what we have all been led to believe."

John Greenewald, Jr.


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